mz-u creative agency (www.mz-u.com) is the best one of the commercial design team, established in 2006, six years mz-u has been the priority for China Show businesses, cultural institutions, multinational corporations, international organizations and other customers, providing visual and brand design and consulting services. Our expertise lies in Different types of brands in-depth insight and understanding, and provide practical solutions through integrated design mode of operation to ensure that all design activities Reflect, create and loyal to the brand’s core values ​​and spirit.

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Our services include: brand vi design, brand name, corporate image design, commercial packaging design, logo, packaging design, brand image such as store design, book design company, design film and television, real estate, it and many other industries, and established a good reputation, has accumulated a wealth of experience, our professional may also widely recognized outside the industry.

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In some so-called large design company appears, the customer’s recommendations or views that vulgar and earth, worthless. In fact, “design is interpersonal communication industry” (The famous advertising guru Leo Burnett), a successful creative works, is definitely a collection of the wisdom of many people crash out of spark. Whether customers are professional or non-professional industry, on their own true feelings no doubt more intense than others, more aware of what companies want. mz-u creation of each piece, Are the integration of enterprise customers feelings and mz-u creative staff point of view, the results of multi-party communication, the only way to ensure that the works of the most basic functional results, while taking into account aesthetics and personal works. “Respect the interests of customers is the best to respect the customer,” This is our point of view.

IAM brand creative agency from the mz-u, organized gathering of outstanding domestic designers, determined to create a stylish, avant-garde trend of the brand; products to design cutting-edge, new style ying core; believe there is always a respect for individuality is tailored to you, in accommodating the fashion trend, show your own style.iam a lifestyle, your life is no longer monotonous!

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    Welcome to mz-u, imzu is mz-u official blog, where you can see more work to share with you the hope that more design enthusiasts to communicate with us, hope you can join our team! e_mail: mz_u_mars@126.com.

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